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Design solutions for dead corner spaces in kitchen cabinets


Design solutions for dead corner spaces in kitchen cabinets

Dead corners in kitchens can be one of the most problematic areas in getting your kitchen to work for you.  What’s the best way to easily access that space at the back of the cupboard you just can’t reach? 

There have been many solutions to this problem over the years.  The Lazy Susan, a circular set of trays that spun around once you opened the cupboard door, was a popular mid century solution.  What made clients less than happy with the Lazy Susan was that you could only see a few of your choices at once.  People needed a better option to let them see the full contents of their cupboards when they so desired.

A popular ‘80s solution to full presentation of everything was the semi-circular tray attached to the cupboard door.  When you opened the door, the trays moved to reveal everything on these shelves.  These trays were a step in the right direction to solving the problem of dead end corner space.   Because the semi-circular trays did not fit tightly within the confines of the cupboard, though, what was missing was a way to stop items from falling into the open spaces between the curved trays and the square corners.  Once things fell in, it took a lot of dexterity and time to retrieve them.

Today’s solution is the Magic Corner.  It’s magic because opening the corner door brings forth the entire contents of the cupboard all at once into the kitchen space.  Since this product is the full shape of the cupboard, items have no place to fall in the deep recesses of the corner.  The Magic Corner really is the perfect solution to making your kitchen’s dead corner spaces work for you.