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Designing a pet-friendly kitchen


Designing a pet-friendly kitchen

You’ve thought of everyone’s needs in creating your new kitchen, but have you included consideration for how your pet uses your kitchen? 

It’s more than putting in a doggie door to the backyard.  If you want you and your pet to feel more comfortable in the new space, try planning for special areas of your new kitchen your pet can experience while adding to the functions of your family.

If you have a large dog, you're well aware of how they can stand right in front of the stove while you cook.  Without a space to call their own, your pooch really has little choice.  To improve the circulation of your kitchen, as well as to make your dog feel safe and loved, consider leaving the space under one counter open.  The dog will eagerly see this space as their own.

Alternatively, if you have a cat who loves to sun on your window ledge, why not make that ledge wider so a specially designed cat bed can make your feline feel content and loved? 

There are many ways to pamper and include your pet in new renovations.  Talk with your designer to incorporate the right features for yours.