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Getting the best task lighting in a stove hood


Getting the best task lighting in a stove hood

Stove hoods are no longer a regretted necessity of the well-designed kitchen.  With so many beautiful designs to complement both your style and the functionality you require, the kitchen hood is now part of the show your exciting new renovation is.

When choosing a stove hood, make sure to give consideration to the light source installed with each kitchen hood before you make your final selection of which one is right for you.  Too often customers settle for an inadequately lit stove in failing to consider lighting as an essential ingredient of exceptional kitchen hoods.

Whatever lighting source you choose—whether it’s halogen, LED, or just a standard bulb—be sure that the light falling on your stove is at least equal to the light that bathes your counters.  Ideally, the light from the hood should be just a little brighter than the surrounding area.  This way, focus is on the cooking, making your creations a pleasure to behold.