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How important are sightlines to good design?


How important are sightlines to good design?

One of the ways you can tell the difference between a space that has been designed by a professional and one that has been put together by an amateur is whether or not sightlines have been taken into account.  This means that not only does the space look good in and of itself; it also looks good as you are approaching it, leaving it, or looking out through it.

When you are walking towards your kitchen, the first thing you should see is a view.  Examples are a large window to a manicured backyard, a counter with a specially lit vase of fresh-cut flowers, a large piece of art, or a bistro seating arrangement.  Whatever you see when you first come into the kitchen should be a place of repose and quietude—something to give you time to catch your breath before you begin whatever work you have in the kitchen.

When leaving your kitchen you should have the feeling of leaving work behind you.  Make sure the view in front is calm or one that you find personally inviting, such as your friends sitting around the fireplace laughing and talking, enjoying a glass of wine.

More and more people are recognizing that good sightlines are important from within the kitchen.  In the past, the kitchen was a walled room that only the cook and servers ventured into.  Now, the kitchen has become a hub of activity that allows whomever is in the kitchen to be part of the action.  Chefs can participate in living room conversations and parents can watch children playing in the family room.

Never underestimate the importance of good sightlines in making your newly renovated kitchen feel calm and contributing to the togetherness of your home.