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Noiseless machines: keeping your kitchen peaceful


Noiseless machines: keeping your kitchen peaceful

You’ve designed the right flow, the right lighting and the right colour combinations for your new renovation—but have you remembered to keep the noise level down from your microwave oven and dishwasher?  The sound of microwave turntables going around and around and of dishwasher wash cycles moving into rinse cycles can make an entire home reverberate.

Noiseless microwaves are now the norm.  So don’t retain your old, rickety microwave for your newly renovated kitchen.  Be sure to look into all the options for a noiseless microwave.

Dishwashers are much quieter than they used to be—even compared to a few years ago.  But be careful when shopping for a dishwasher.  Some models say they are noiseless, when what they really mean is in comparison with dishwashers in the past.  The problem of noise comes from the water going in and out of the machine.  To reduce this source of sound, be sure your dishwasher is well insulated, as should be the hoses that come into and go out of the dishwasher.

You can eliminate the noise from your machines if you make this a priority in your selection. Yorkville Design Centre recommends appliances from Miele; sturdy, modern and noiseless, they are perfect for any contemporary kitchen.