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Renovation: Renewing how you live


Renovation: Renewing how you live

These forward-thinking clients wanted to renovate their condo and increase their property's value. We challenged them to go further by renewing the way they saw their home and potentially improve the way they live.

Check out the inset picture and see the way this kitchen and entrance looked before: after a complete redesign, you can just see how much more beautiful it is and how the functionality of the space has improved.

Now when you enter the home, you have a place of repose to take off your coats and a closet to put them in.  Entering the space you are met with an open, multifunctional kitchen where lighting, cabinets and colour choice enhance every aspect of what you see and what you can do in the space.

People may 
decide to move from a home because they can no longer stand how ugly it is and they can't function in their space.  Often, all that is needed is a redesign that renews your space to include everything that is important to you aesthetically and functionally.