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What is LED lighting and when should I use it?


What is LED lighting and when should I use it?

LED lighting is a new form of eco-friendly, low voltage lighting that is set to replace those ugly mercury vapour bulbs that were suppose to be the solution to the expense and energy inefficiency of incandescent bulbs.

Unlike other bulbs, LED lighting doesn’t increase the size of bulb the brighter the light needed.  Instead, these lights just add more of the same components to give extra brightness. 

These bulbs may be set up differently, but they can replace any incandescent (or mercury vapour) bulb you are currently using.  The benefits are, much less electricity is used, the light is an appealing colour and the very smallest bulbs can be used linked in a row for under counter lighting.  Of course the best thing is the small bulbs are inexpensive and the larger, more expensive ones that replace standard bulbs are guaranteed to never burn out.

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