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What size appliances work best for your space?


What size appliances work best for your space?

People who watch the cooking channel often get the idea that a great kitchen needs the biggest appliances a room can take—a full size fridge, a full size freezer, and at least a six burner cooktop.  Although you will be prepared for any number of guests with all this cold storage and cooking space, consider if your space really supports large size appliances.

The most important thing for making a kitchen work is the flow of the room—how people move from one workstation to another and how they enter and exit the room.  Creating optimal flow should always be your primary guiding principle.  Only once you are sure your design permits the best flow possible should you be considering whether you can supersize your appliances.

Unless you have a very large family or you gain great pleasure from entertaining large groups, standard size appliances are usually all you really need—they take up less space, use less energy and require less cleaning.  All good reasons why bigger isn’t always better.