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North Toronto Home

We can never predict what kind of projects will come our way. That's part of the beauty of having a design practice and cabinet company that caters to almost any dream a client ‎might have!

For example, this renovation project started off as a simple kitchen makeover and ended up with a three storey structural glass staircase in a fully gutted, restored home, ‎with new bathrooms, windows, structural beams (required to remove old columns), and new heated floors throughout. There's even a small mudroom addition on the back corner along with an entirely different modern look to the back of the house.

Our clients had originally intended to live and stay in their home during the kitchen reno, but, as they continued to send us new ideas and added changes, it quickly became apparent that they, their two teenage daughters, plus their nanny were going to be moving out to a temporary apartment.

The most exciting moment was when the client sent us a photo of a structural glass staircase found on the world wide web and wondered if we could make one for him too. I'm not sure he ever imagined that we'd turn this wish into such a fabulous reality, as you see in our photos. There is no steel structure holding up the staircase: laminated and tempered glass balustrades support all of the stair treads and handrails. This is a true structural feat!