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Art Installations

Want a one-of-a-kind art piece to enrich your home and make it truly unique? Resident artist Evi Tampold will work with you to design and create a distinctive statement for any interior or exterior wall—residential or commercial.
Practicing art her entire life, Evi’s work has appeared in multiple shows, and adorns walls across Southern Ontario. Representing one of those walls is the backdrop she designed and hand-painted for the display case of cop. copine, a French fashion boutique at Hazelton Lanes. Having created two murals for them, the store’s owner recommends her highly. Another project is a result of Evi being skilled in both digital and conventional media—she used her computer skills to envision a large-scale tile mosaic wall. The final mural frames the outside entrance of this distinctive home in North York designed by YDC.
And, if you're dreaming even bigger, Evi can create an entire story in pictures and words for one or more of your walls. This means a child with a love of Marvel comics could wake up to a superhero saving the day each morning, or a teenager into Japanese-style graphic novels could hang out in a basement sheltering a beautifully captured and finely detailed saga. 
Evi draws on a myriad of styles; she can make something realistic, abstract, or anywhere in between. Perhaps her most important quality as a practicing artist is that she listens closely and carefully to the needs and wants of clients.  She isn’t satisfied with the result until clients feel their ideas have been realized through her work. 
Whatever your style, Evi will work with you to envision something that reflects your home and your style; and she'll be determined to make it truly special!