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Planning on renovating your home? The design team at Yorkville Design Centre can guide you on where to begin and how to proceed with as little disruption to your life as possible.

Determining exactly what you want in a renovation can be confusing when you’re doing it on your own. The Yorkville Design Centre team makes the process clear and uncomplicated.

Since the first step in knowing just what you want is to consider the space planning of your home, it’s important to visually define how you live and move in the space. This requires accurate measurements of your space and 3D drawings. Our designers come to your home to take professional measurements and, based on these detailed measurements, create 3D sketch concept drawings to bring your dreams to life.

To maximize value for your money in a renovation, it is important to minimize surprises. We take into consideration current plumbing locations, load bearing walls and existing openings such as windows and doors when planning the spaces to ensure limitations are evident before work begins. Although such detailed attention can take additional time in planning your renovation, without it, you could be faced with mounting costs once construction begins.

Our aim is to do things right the first time. Our architecturally trained design team prepares clear and concise digital AutoCAD drawings of your home based on our initial work. When pricing out the job, your contractor will welcome the precision of our drawings.

If you are considering renovating your living space, book a consultation with a member of our design team. It’s the initial ingredient to beginning the process of deciding what you really want in a renovation.